for the 2021-2022 school year
Classes begin September 13th, 2021 and complete in May 2022
Basic Information:
How did you hear about the School of Moses?
Please list three character references. Include name, manner of relationship, phone number, and number of years you've known them.
History in Church:
Answer all of the following in a short paragraph:
1. How long have you been a believer?
2. Have you ever or are you currently affiliated with any organized denominations? Please list.
3. Have you ever attended a bible school or discipleship program? Did you complete the program(s) partially or fully? Please list if applicable.
Current Church Affiliation:
Answer all of the following in a short paragraph:
1. What church do you currently attend?
2. How long have you attended this church?
3. Are you a member? (If your church does not have official membership, do you regularly attend, tithe, volunteer/serve, ect.?)
If you do not attend a church at this time, why not?
Reasons for Attending:
What are your short-term and long-term goals relative to ministry and discipleship? How do you see the School of Moses helping you with these goals?
Requirements and Important Information:
School of Moses offers both in-person and online studentship options.
As an in-person students, you agree to:
- Attend in-person classes Monday and Thursday nights from 7:30-9pm
- Complete quarterly tests and occasional assignments as they are given
As an online student, you agree to:
- Watch 2 pre-recorded classes each week on your own time, keeping on schedule with the rest of the class
- Complete quarterly tests and occasional assignments as they are given
- Attend biweekly Zoom calls every other Saturday morning with the entire online class*
*If you absolutely cannot commit to Zoom calls on Saturday mornings, other arrangements can be made at the discretion of our staff and leadership. Please specify at the bottom of this application if this situation might apply to you.
All School of Moses students agree to:
- Treat time as your currency and honor your commit to punctuality and attendance
- Communicate with the appropriate staff members if any issues arise affecting your enrollment at SOM
- Listen to the Holy Spirit and give financially how and when He leads you to (never with obligation but always as you purpose in your heart between you and God)
- Above all else, come with an open mind and heart to the Word of God and the Holy Spirit
Type of Enrollment:
What kind of studentship are you applying for?
Do you have any additional information to add, questions about SOM, or general thoughts about this upcoming school year you'd like to add?
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